Learning how to price different types of bonds
Calculating different measures of bond yields
Knowing about the term structure of interest rates
Understanding the fundamentals of stock pricing
Gaining insight into investors’ decisions.
Understanding the perspective of a policymaker


Effort: 10 to 12 hrs per week
Identify different types of basic fixed–income securities and the markets in which they are traded.
How to price a variety of financial assets: money market instruments, bonds, and equities.
How to measure and compare different yield measures for financial assets.
Relate differences in the valuation of single equities or markets with economic fundamentals.
How to construct an optimal portfolio of risky assets using historical return data, and assess likely changes in its composition as a result of changes in macroeconomic conditions.
How to assess the market risk of an investment by calculating its Value at Risk (VaR), Stressed VaR, and Expected Shortfall.
Introduction to Management of financial institutions
Financial intermediaries
Norms & Practices in the Banking Industry
Developmental Financial Institutions
Insurance Institutions

CERTIFICATION : Amity PROx + edX Partner University: International Monetary Fund

Professional Certificate in Management of Financial Institution and Market
Learn the fundamentals of finance that are essential for both investors and policymakers.
Amity PROx + edX Partner University: International Monetary Fund .