Learn how city logistics is understood and practiced in cities around the world
Understand the basics of the highly crucial social system
Use instructors' experience in real-world projects, and learn how the knowledge learnt here can be applied across industry and the public sector.
Learn with the theoretical foundation, the rigorous evaluation, and a multi-disciplinary approach to this complex area.
Put an emphasis on the global perspective since the understanding of local culture and political climate is an important factor in the success of any city logistics intervention.
Look into the tools you need to understand the complexities of urban freight transport systems.


Effort: 10 to 12 hrs per week
To identify the main logistics challenges facing cities around the world
To understand the complex nature of urban freight transport systems
To evaluate freight traffic impacts
To explore the different approaches to solving urban freight transport problems
To identify the research methods used to develop and apply knowledge in this field
Transport Operations and Logistics Management

CERTIFICATION: Amity PROx + edX Partner University : Delft University of Technology

Professional Certificate in Urban Freight Transport Operations & Logistic Management
Learn key strategies for optimizing urban freight transport based on recent developments in market understanding, vehicle technology and cooperative ventures.
Amity PROx + edX Partner University: Delft University of Technology